Running Nowhere Series

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Get to know Conor Kelman, a young man coming of age in the 50s. Discover the triumph and trauma he faces every day. Between being misunderstood and not learning how to deal with his issues, Conor is in a constant state of awkward discomfort.

 Outwardly, he searches for something to call his own–his girlfriend–his guitar–a little white house in an apple orchard. Inwardly, he hangs from a cliff by his fingertips.

 Visions play in his head haunt and distract him. They won’t stop no matter how fast or far he runs. Journey with Conor and discover the joy growing within the pain.






Conor Kelman finds trouble the minute he walks through the doors of the new school. The hunger to fit in drives him to those his eighth-grade teacher warned to avoid.

New friends, each carrying a unique brand of trouble, invite him into their close-knit circle, but Conor feels like an outsider.

Cigarettes, beer parties, and fast girls don’t smother the fire in his search for something to call his own.




authorpaulkeene-72dpi-1500x2000 (3)


Conor’s addictive and impulsive behaviors make him a prime target for those who take advantage of him. He enters the world of rampant sex, parties, pills, and alcohol not knowing his life will turn upside down.

In the end, he must choose between the girl that brings back memories or the one he loves.

Stand Alone

Heavy on the Supernatural

authorpaulkeene-72dpi-1500x2000 (5)


The only decision Garth Andrews faces is whether to make another cappuccino. But that’s before the chime of the doorbell turns his life upside down.

A cast of colorful characters–humans, and spirits.

Halloween Party

Plot twists and turns


Can a man find love in a haunted house?

Stay at home dad Garth Andrews answers the door, states his name, signs away his life. Opens the envelope, reads, and gets stuck on the word Divorce, feeling the effect of a shot of Novocain in body and mind.

Garth is torn between his wife, Joanna, a career realtor and the beautiful belle of the ball, Annalee. Should he follow heart or lust?

Be gone before we return–I don’t want a scene in front of the children. The children come first…don’t they?

Two kids: a rebellious thirteen-year-old girl, and a four-year-old autistic boy

I left a note for you in the office.

An open file cries out to him. He takes the key and the Polaroid picture of the old Victorian house from the folder and leaves. Minutes later, he makes a jerky stop and sits in the still quiet, finding strange comfort in the sinister look of the Victorian that towers before him.

The Pacific Northwest Order of Ghosts (PNWOG) take over the daughter’s Halloween party, throwing the fun, suspense, and fear to the wind.


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